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Be Unladylike

Be Unladylike.

No, I don't mean starting burping, farting and releasing your gases in any situation. Sorry guys, I am not trying to stereotype, but many of you enjoy and sometimes compete with the release of your bodily fumes.

What I do mean, ladies, is consider your sitting habits vs. male sitting habits. From a young age girls are taught to sit with their ankles or legs crossed to keep their privates out of view. That is appropriate when wearing shorter skirts or shorts, but in every situation, it isn't necessary and may be harming your body. Our bodies are made to move and sit in many positions. If we train our bodies to only sit with our legs tightly crossed, our bodies adapt to that position. It is like any supply and demand. If we are only demand our legs stay close together, then our legs only supply us with the muscle length to...stay close together.

Let me explain a few things a little more. Our inner thighs are connected to our inner pelvic bone. They also have a fascial connection to our pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that control continence, support pelvic organs and have a sexual component). I see this a lot in my practice, women with pelvic floor dysfunction have tight adductors!

Why care about those inner thighs anyways?

Here are just a few functional tasks you do that requires those muscles to work well:

1. walk

2. stair climbing

3. getting up from the toilet

4. having fun in the bedroom (or other rooms), sexual pleasure

And if you aren't a professional gymnast, dancer or daily yoga practitioner, you probably are not stretching those inner thigh muscles much or even at all. If you are a female that sits with her legs crossed or tightly knit together for the majority of your day, then you are teaching those adductors to stay short and tight. No muscle in your body is happy short and tight all day long.

So, if you aren't going to start stretching those muscles everyday, a small change you can do is start being unladylike and sit like a man. Switch up your routine. Your muscles will thank you for it.

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