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Pelvic organ prolapse is a decent of one or more pelvic organs (bladder, uterus or rectum) from their normal positions due to a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles and other tissues of the vaginal wall. This may be caused by chronic coughing, childbirth, heavy lifting, surgeries or chronic constipation. 


Many women with prolapse are asymptomatic. However, others may have symptoms and the complaints vary. 

Common complaints with prolapse: 

  • A feeling of pressure in the vagina that worsens during the day

  • Feeling different "down there"

  • Extra tissue in the vaginal opening

  • Unable to insert a tampon

  • Feeling like you are "sitting on a ball"

  • Needing to use a finger to splint near or in the vagina during a bowel movement

The first line of defense for prolapse is physical therapy. When the pelvic floor muscles aren't doing their job to support these organs, they need training and coordination. You're in luck, I got your back. I'll give you the 101 on prolapse and what's going on down below. I'll help you train your pelvic floor muscles in various ways so you can exercise with confidence. I'll teach you strategies for movement patterns (such as lifting techniques babies, boxes and bars) and lifestyle modifications to help you manage everyday tasks or advanced exercises. This involves more than kegels. 

Pelvic floor PT isn't your only option, you may benefit from a pessary.  A pessary is a device that's inserted into the vagina to assist holding the pelvic organs in place. It's like wearing a bra to support your breasts while running. Would you exercise without it? Maybe and maybe not. You'd do what feels better, right? PT and a pessary can be a beautiful combo. 

Sometimes the vaginal tissues aren't able to provide enough support and a pessary just isn't your thing, you may benefit from surgery followed by PT to return to the things you love. 


Great, come on in. I'm looking forward to working with you to reach your goals. To schedule an initial consulation, click the button below.

You're excited to get started with postnatal care, but you aren't sure this is the place for you. No worries. Click below to sign up for a free 15 min phone consultation and ask me all your questions about how PT can help what you are experiencing. If this isn't the place for you to begin your journey, I will guide to a better fit. 

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