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I had been suffering with burning pain to my vulva for months. I tried various medications and seen many doctors. I was embarrassed and skeptical that anyone could help me. I am so happy I finally decided to do try pelvic rehab. Ashley made me feel comfortable and was the first person to really listen to me. She assured me I was not alone in this and helped me manage my symptoms. Only regret is that I waited so long to start PT. 


Fishkill, NY


I had a really rough postpartum after a bad tear, an episiotomy, and contracting an intestinal infection in the hospital.  At five months postpartum I was still having incontinence issues and sex was too painful to be possible. I sought out Dr. Ashley's help and after 6 sessions I had huge improvement with both issues.  Dr. Ashley was so knowledgable, kind, and patient in working through my challenges with me.  She made me feel comfortable - very important with this kind of work - and gave me hope that I could get better. I benefited from the physical therapy but also from the increased self-awareness I got from our sessions.  I've told all the new moms I know about Dr. Ashley because it was so helpful to me that I want other women to benefit too.


Beacon, NY


Six weeks after I had my first kid, my OB told me I can begin working out again. She said to focus on core work and do kegels. I was always active, but after the whole pregnancy and body changes I didn't know where to start and couldn't afford to injure myself with this new baby to care for. I ran into Dr. Ashley at the Waddle n Swaddle baby store and figured I should just come in to see what she had to say. She assessed my current posture, strength and pelvic floor function (or lack thereof). She gave me the reassurance I needed to start some exercise, and put together a program to start getting my body back in shape in a safe way. I went back a few times to progress my program and reassess how well I was doing. Why doesn't every women do this after a baby. If you have concerns about your body post partum and want to start a safe core training program that is specific for you, I recommend a few sessions with Dr. Ashley. Well worth it.


Beacon, NY


After my second pregnancy and delivery I was getting pain in the R sit bone region. I waited to see if it would go away on its own, but it didn't. My OB said my pelvic floor muscles were spasming and I should see a Pelvic PT specialist. Thankfully, I contacted Dr. Ashley and she was able to feel the specific muscles that were overactive and work on them to relax and lengthen. She taught me things to do at home to help myself as well. I felt well informed and learned some important techniques for function during my daily life such as how to sit better, how to get up from sitting, how to lift/carry and just move safer. 


Wappingers, NY


I figured that a little leakage was normal since I have had 3 children. No biggie, I just wore pads all the time. Then I found Dr. Ashley and she explained to me that although common, it is never normal to leak urine. She was very compassionate and developed a proper home program to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles, which I had been doing totally wrong all along. She created a program to fit my lifestyle and was specific to my goals. I am proud to say that I enjoy laughing again and could lift up my kids without leaking!


Poughkeepsie, NY


Words cannot express how thankful I feel to have Ashley as my Physical Therapist. After three pregnancies and C-Sections, Ashley helped me restore my abdominal and core strength. Having had large babies and being diagnosed with Diastasis Recti (separation of the stomach muscles), I had almost lost hope that I could ever feel like my "old self" again. However, after working with Ashley, my abdomen became more toned than ever and I felt stronger than I imagined possible - especially in my thirties! So far, my diastasis has gone from 3 fingers width to only 1/2 a finger width. Ashley's wealth of knowlege helped her pinpoint simple, strategic exercises to help improve my core strength. Each session she addressed my joint alignment and worked on adhesions of my scar and surrounding soft tissues. She helped me reach my goals and always pushed me just enough to achieve optimal results. I found that I looked forward to our sessions together and it was enjoyable to share stories of pregnancies and the joys of motherhood. I highly recommend Dr. Ashley Hocutt! 


LaGrange, NY


I was in agony during my last trimester as my baby's foot was pressing up into my rib cage. With tears in my eyes, I called Dr. Hocutt to see if she could meet with me for an evaluation. After an incredible massage and performing a diaphragm release, I was relieved of the sharp pains that I had been suffering with. She also provided me with a few simple home exercises and showed me various positions to help ease any further discomfort throughout pregnancy on my own. Her gentle expertise and healing hands allowed me to enjoy those final weeks of pregnancy. Thank you so very much!

Ann Margaret

Pleasant Valley, NY


I went to Dr. Hocutt for pain associated with muscle spasms in my pelvic region.  I had already talked to an OB/GYN about this and he had never heard of what I was describing (despite being in the biz for 40 years).  Dr. Hocutt knew exactly what I was talking about and helped me to find solutions.  I implemented the solutions and immediately felt relief.  Her office is warm and inviting and she is knowledgeable and compassionate.  Her mannerisms and voice are calm and soothing.  She put me at ease right away.  I highly recommend her services.

Jessica, Poughkeepsie


Poughkeepsie, NY

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