How to know if a doula right for you?

Updated: Feb 29

I can't believe I'm thinking this, but I'm contemplating having another baby just so I can have a doula by my side. No, I don't actually think I can handle more tiny people in my house, but after speaking with Jeni Howe, a local doula, I thought, how can I get that in my life? And the answer was easy, get pregnant again.

I have 2 lovely children, both born vaginally without intervention or a doula. I took a few childbirth prep classes, but didn't know most of what I know now. Although my births went realitively smoothly with a doctor and husband by my side, if I could tell my former pregnant self one thing, it would be to hire a doula.

Doulas are exceptional people and doing work that's nuturing and needed for modern moms. Their purpose isn't to take the place of your doctor, midwife or partner, they're your side kick, ready to support you (and your partner) physically, mentally and emotionally from conception to postpartum. Can you imagne how lovely it would be for you and your partner to have someone at your birth that can reduce the overwhelm? As the birthing person, I never even thought about the stresses my hubby may have with all the roles he plays during labor and delivery until after this convo with Jeni. I purely thought a doula is there for the birthing person, but really they're there for the birthing couple.

When searching for a doula, or anyone to add into your birth team, it's important to find someone you vibe with, trust and meets your needs.

Enough said, check out the video to learn more about what doulas do and why they may just be the next best thing to dark chocolate peanut butter cups (bet you thought I was going to say sliced bread). If so, you don't me well yet.

In our convo we begin talking about why Jeni became a doula and what lead her to have one at her birth. Then we get into how doula's can support you. Enjoy the show.