BELOW THE BUMP: your online birth prep course


Revive confidence that your body CAN go through the miracle of childbirth again

You have it in you, you just need to find it. 

  • Did you have a previous traumatic or non so pleasant labor and delivery? 

  • Want this one to be different? How about easier

  • Looking for guidance to psych you up for labor day? A personal coach during pregnancy.

  • Scared you won't be able to cope with labor pains? You're stronger than you think.

  • Are you a busy momma that prefers self paced learning, but also likes a step by step plan? 

Below the Bump ONLINE brings self-trust back into your childbirth experience


It's more than a course to learn the know hows, its a personal coach along the way. I guide you through the prep work for an awesome birth experience.


When labor day comes, you'll feel confident, strong and ready to deliver.


I removed the guessing, threw out the hassle and did the research, so you don't have to. I put it all together in a tidy little course and wrapped it up with accountability and coaching. Anyone can take a course, read a book and get the info, but putting the work in and fitting the practice into your day is challenging. The simple action plans and worksheets guide you through the tasks. No need to think about what to do next. You just have to commit and follow through. 


The course breakdown: 4 domains giving you a step by step guide for birth prep.

  • AWARENESS  ​​​because you must know something exists if you wish to improve it

  • COORDINATION​ so you can use your pelvic floor with your breath properly to your advantage

  • MOVEMENT​​ that feels great during pregnancy and helps your baby get in the best place for delivery

  • MIND​SET because your brain is your control system and you want it ready for labor

Here's a FREE sneak peek into the course.  I share my secrets to bring you one step closer to a confident birth experience.    


In this course you'll learn how to:

  • Reframe your experience with childbirth

  • Tame your fears during labor day

  • Avoid the roadblocks that stall labor

  • Support your pelvic floor through pregnancy 

  • Exercise to get your body physically ready for childbirth

  • Get your mind in the zone for birthing

  • Move to prepare your pelvis and make space for your baby 

  • Avoid unnecessary medical intervention

  • Push your baby out with confidence


This course is for you, if you: 


  • Prefer a DIY style, self paced learning experience in the comfort of your own home.

  • Don't have time to sit through 2-6 hours of class

  • Like reminders, encouragement and coaching {mom brain is no joke}

  • Want this childbirth to be different, but don't know where to start or what to read

  • Want to learn how to tap into your innate ability to birth

  • Wince at the word "push" during birth and you're not quite sure how to do it

This course is not for you, if you: 

  • Learn best offline

  • Don't want guidance and coaching through pregnancy

  • Cringe at the words vagina, vulva and anus

  • Birth in less than a month. You'll want at least a month to get through and practice the meat of the content.

  • Prefer to just wing it

  • Aren't pregnant

What are you waiting for?


The sooner you get in the course, the sooner you can be on your way to an awesome childbirth.  

Check out all the goodies you'll get by investing $197 for your pregnancy and delivery. 

You get:

  • Full access to 4 content modules

  • Simple action steps with worksheets to guide you 

  • Guided meditation audio tracks specific for childbirth prep

  • Exercise video created to get your body ready for childbirth



You also get...

  • Access to the private Facebook Below the Bump Society: a safe space for questions, support and accountability through pregnancy and beyond where we talk all things vagina and pelvic floor from conception through mom life.

  • Bonus module: all about pregnancy and postnatal supports. Stop wondering which brace on the market can help you with what pains or whether to use an abdominal wrap postpartum. Here is where I break down my favorite things on the market and why each can help you. 

  • Birth Movement Program, specific pelvic mobility and stretching exercise designed for pregnancy PLUS a weekly schedule of 6 exercises to do each day.