Pregnancy is a time of mixed emotions, physical changes and mental chaos. Searching aimlessly online for ways to reduce typical pregnancy body aches, and how to get physically and mentally prepared for childbirth overwhelms your time and brain. 


I've got you covered, mama. 

You're busy, so let's simplify. 


You don't have to time to figure out which exercises are "pregnancy safe",

I put that in quotes because its a term thrown around, but often provokes fear of moving and I don't particularly like that. So, I've put together specific movements and stretches to follow through pregnancy into a neat little package. 

The BIRTH MOVEMENT PROGRAM isn't a hardcore workout, its designed for the everyday busy mama.


The movements help open your hips and pelvis in a way that can optimize your body's environment or pelvic space allowing your baby to nuzzle, head down, into their optimal position for an easier childbirth.

If you're looking for guidance on how move your body through pregnancy to prepare for childbirth, grab a copy of the BMP. 

BMP has simple, clear instructions and 20 pelvic mobility exercises and stretches created for you. Included is a weekly movement series, so you don't have to put a routine together.


You only need 9 mins a day. 

If you're looking for a birth education course with focus on pelvic health, check out BELOW THE BUMP which is my online birth prep course and includes a FREE copy of BMP.