to an easier birth

Spark confidence that you CAN birth the way you desire

No fancy tools required, just you and a simple roadmap.

  • Do you fear that birth might be traumatic? I did too, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO

  • Want worry free birth? It's POSSIBLE

  • Looking for guidance to psych you up for labor day? I've got you covered

  • Scared you won't be able to cope with labor pains? You're stronger than you think and I'll prove it to you!

  • Not sure your body will be able to birth vaginally? You CAN, but you must believe it

I've got a simple 4 step roadmap to show you the way to bring self-trust and empowerment into your childbirth experience

Do you wanna feel confident, strong and ready to deliver?


I help moms like you have an easier birth because my personal journey with birth prep missed the mark and I don't want that for you. If you're ready to learn how to avoid unnecessary medical intervention or reduce the risk of tearing, shift from chaos to calmness during birth and use natural pain relief strategies, listen up. 

As a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, I see the ripple effect that poor (or no) birth prep has on moms birth experience and postpartum health.  My clients regretfully tell me their had no pelvic floor knowledge or care prior to birth. They felt confused and lacked control during birth. They suffer with symptoms such as incontinence, prolapse and pain for months postpartum without realizing pregnancy is where it all begins! 


That's why I created my 4 step roadmap, to give YOU the tools to prepare mentally and physically for birth AND begin healing earlier postpartum. And chances are, if you're reading this, you too want to prepare for childbirth, be a confident and courageous birther,  have strategies to reduce pain naturally, shorten labor and keep your mind and pelvic floor on the path to an easier birth.  

All you need is 4 Simple Steps

  • Step 1: AWARENESS  ​​​because you must know something exists if you wish to change it

  • Step 2: COORDINATION​ so you can use your pelvic floor with your breath properly to your advantage for pregnancy and birth

  • Step 3: MOVEMENT​​ that feels great during pregnancy and helps your baby get in the best place for delivery

  • Step 4: MIND​SET because your brain is your control system and it MUST BE in the game if you want to birth easier (I'm talking more than meditation)

YOU CAN birth more comfortably

My 4 Step Roadmap has the solutions you need to...

  • Mentally and physically prepare for birth

  • Tame your birthing worries NOW and through labor day

  • Have a smoother and shorter progression through labor 

  • Support your pelvic floor through pregnancy and beyond - so you stop leaking pee

  • Get your baby head down in their optimal position!

  • Lower your risk of perineal tears 

  • Avoid unnecessary medical intervention 

  • Birth your baby with confidence 



I loved the idea of rewiring our neural experience of pressure/pain by practicing the experience of pressure through various means - perineal massage, the towel, the ball, and pooping!


Without this course, I don't think I could have had all of my wishes fulfilled for my birth plan. This course was one of the only things that helped prepare me for the ACTUAL birth and game time.


Easing fear, emphasizing the incredible, natural processes of birth, and providing specific prep exercises impact the expectant mom in extremely beneficial ways that she won’t get from any other birth course. 

Follow my ROADMAP if you want to: 


  • Learn how to tap into your innate ability to birth

  • Shift your birthing fears into confidence and control

  • Calm your anxieties so that your birth can progress smoother

  • Have simple strategies to "unbreech" your baby (I made that word up, but you get it) 

  • Become a stronger mom from your brain to your pelvic floor

  • Discover the actual steps to lower your risk of perineal tears 

  • Train how to "push" properly with your breath 

Don't follow this ROADMAP if you: 

  • Aren't willing to do the inner work to prepare for birth

  • Don't want guidance and coaching through pregnancy

  • Cringe at the words vagina, vulva and anus

  • Aren't planning for a vaginal birth

  • Prefer to just wing it

  • Aren't pregnant

If you're struggling with worries of natural birthing, join Below the Bump today

BELOW THE BUMP is your ROADMAP to an easier birth

Here's what you get:

  • Step by Step Video Lessons sent to you each week so you can stay on top of your learning and see exactly how everything is done before you do it  (valued at $997)

  • Weekly action steps to hold you accountable to reach your birthing goal (valued at $197)

  • Worksheets to guide you through the action steps for an easier birth  (valued at $87)

  • Guided meditation audio tracks specific for childbirth prep (valued at $47)

  • Exercise videos created to get your body feeling good during pregnancy and ready for childbirth so that your birth can progress smoother (valued at $197)

For ONLY $197, get in the know down below (your bump) for a worry free birth


You also get...

  • Private Facebook Group: Below the Bump Society is a safe space for questions, support and accountability through pregnancy and beyond where we talk all things vagina and pelvic floor from conception through childbirth. (valued at $497)

  • Your Guide to Supports: all about pregnancy and postnatal supports. Stop wondering which brace on the market can help you with what pains or whether to use an abdominal wrap postpartum. Here's where I break down my favorite things on the market and why each can help you. (valued at $297)

  • Birth Movement Program, specific pelvic mobility and stretching exercise

       designed for pregnancy PLUS a daily schedule of 6 exercises. (valued at $167)

Breath easy, your satisfaction is guaranteed...

Because I believe moms should have a worry free birth, let's remove some worry right here, right now.


If you're not completely satisfied with my program, send an email to  and share how the experience could have better met your needs so that I can continue to provide the best support for moms! You'll get a full refund, no questions asked. 



The imagery strategy really helped me with activating my pelvic floor muscles. And the purposeful exhale  was something I was able to utilize during the pushing part of birth. Thank goodness for this program as I was able to actually breath through birth!


The props  were VERY helpful. in understanding  my body more. This is something your OB/GYN should be reviewing with you (but usually doesn't go over any of this). 


I love how hands on you were with each lesson. You made it very easy to understand how the body works during birth. My birth experience was amazing and I'm so thankful I followed your roadmap!


The Below the Bump Coach

I'm a mom of two spirited girls, doctor of physical therapy specializing in pelvic health, yoga teacher, and women's health coach. I've been helping moms like you birth easier for over 5 years and recover their strength postpartum so they can confidently exercise. 


I'm here to help you realize your potential and reach your goals of birthing naturally, with less worry, fear or anxiety and more confidence in yourself.


In addition to coaching you below the bump during pregnancy, I'm on a mission to teach moms like you what to expect postpartum so they aren't blindly going into mom life with pelvic floor problems (like peeing your pants or prolapse) assuming it's just part of becoming a mom. Instead of waiting years to seek help because "No one told you," you can be the mom that knows what typical postpartum conditions you CAN get help with such as diastasis (the thinning of midline abdominal tissue), urinary incontinence (peeing your pants), pain with sex (this is a big one postpartum...yes, it's fixable), and prolapse (when your pelvic organs move down). I know this all may sound scary, but I promise you it isn't. The biggest regret moms tell me is that they waited so long to seek guidance.   

I believe moms are incredibly strong, but I don't believe in momming alone. In fact, even superheros call on their side kicks or other superheros to help out. Have you seen any Xmen movies? We're better together and stronger in tribes. I invite you to join the tribe of moms that have gone through and are currently in Below the Bump with me. See ya there!


Yours truly, 


Dr. Ashley